What Singaporeans need to do before traveling to the USA on VTL under COVID-19 pandemic conditions

List of documents you’ll need to prepare before heading to Los Angeles, California, USA

  • ESTA
  • Pre-departure COVID-19 negative test result (hardcopy, signed and stamped by the health institution you tested at)
  • USA attestation form (to be printed, signed, and submitted hardcopy to the airline’s check-in counter)
  • City of Los Angeles health declaration form
  • Proof of vaccination with date of second dose (hardcopy)

“Every day, I discover that there’s a new form to fill.”

This sentence sums up my experience. I didn’t even know I was traveling to the US until three weeks before Riot Games’ Undercity Nights Arcane event. Even though the event organizer provided a lot of information, the required documentation still had to be done personally.

Tip #1: Apply for ESTA

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) homepage